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> HFT EXPERIENCE in newspaper MUNDO DEPORTIVO  saturday November 24th 2018. Check it  HERE 

> HFT EXPERIENCE in newspaper MUNDO DEPORTIVO  saturday December 1 2018. Check it  HERE

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> HFT EXPERIENCE in MEN’S HEALTH magazine  December 2018. Check it HERE

Our Story

In early 2018 the KOA Center, a complete health centre which is a reference in Spain, decided to join forces with the travel agency FERRER & SARET, which has almost 40 years of experience, in order to respond to a new question in today’s society: how can individuals and companies be helped to consolidate new habits of healthy living, when they have to face the pressure of being confined indoors every day?

It was necessary to find an alternative, and HEALTH, FITNESS & TRAVEL arose from that quest. It was a dream which quickly came true, and caused the eruption of the revolutionary HFT EXPERIENCE, which is a way of satisfying the needs which surround us by means of physical and mental equilibrium, and well-being. Are you ready to sign up for it?

The revolutionary HFT EXPERIENCE


You will reduce your addiction to technology, and will only have recourse to it a few times in the day.

You will become aware of your state of health. This is essential for your professional and human development.

We will help you to implement healthy habits in your daily life if you persevere in the style that we suggest.

You will take part in journeys which have not been chosen at random, but after a solid scientific study.

You will discover the best of our planet ‒ destinations where you will have unique experiences.

You won’t have to be bound by any kind of timetable ‒ relax, disconnect, rest and have fun with HFT EXPERIENCE.