Our Philosophy

At HFT EXPERIENCE we help you to be healthy and to take exercise, and we also advise you on a healthy diet, all of this while you are discovering places with exclusive natural surroundings at the best destinations on the Planet.

A proposal adapted to you

Our method is all-embracing, regardless of sex and age. It is open to anyone who wishes to adopt habits of healthy living while travelling to exclusive destinations: rest, nature, physical exercise, a healthy diet, relaxation, healthy leisure activities, touristic activities of the highest quality, premium accommodation and service. A veritable Health, Fitness & Travel experience.

Hurry up, hurry up…

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 12% of our illnesses involve stress. So it is an important component of the blacklist of the greatest evils that blight the XXIst century.

We live in a society of speed and immediacy, in which excessive use of technology and a permanent state of stress regularly cause us irritability, insomnia, accumulation of fat, clinical pictures of anxiety or loss of concentration and memory. In short, high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which shackle us and damage us.

To these we must add a sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight, which are other risk factors. Not taking exercise, or not moving from our seat during our long working day, result in greater stress, and increase the chances of suffering coronary illnesses or ischemic heart disease.

More bad news

Even if you go to a gymnasium regularly, if you spend the rest of the day sitting down you should know that the time which you normally spend doing exercises will not be more than 5% of the total. This is insufficient to avoid certain factors of risk for your health, such as stress.

Moreover, another factor in the accumulation of stress is addiction to work (workaholics), a dependence which usually goes hand-in-hand with ‘leisurephobia’, a term meaning a terror of resting. A fear of not occupying one’s time with tasks that are not useful or productive. A fear of resting which is also directly related to high levels of cortisol.

We should also mention the small number of hours during which we rest. Lack of sleep causes emotional irritability. It causes us to put on weight, to have more headaches and to prefer food that is rich in fats and sugars. All in all, and generally speaking, it can cause burnout that can end up being critical.

A commitment to health


This pressure can only be countered by new lifestyles which prioritise, in addition to physical exercise, healthy eating and good resting. All of this accompanied by various disconnections during the year, to avoid accumulating high levels of cortisol.

That is why we have devised HEALTH · FITNESS & TRAVEL. The KOA Centre, which combines health and nutrition, and the travel agency FERRER & SARET have joined forces to suggest that you undertake health and fitness activities, with relaxation and a healthy diet, at the same time as you discover some of our planet’s most exclusive settings. Would you like to sign up for the revolutionary HFT EXPERIENCE?