Corporate area

We offer companies our experience in designing incentive trips, events and à-la-carte activities, during which a healthy and active lifestyle is promoted.

We adapt to companies needs

We have noticed that more and more companies are becoming interested in team-building activities, incentive trips, events and activities connected
with health and sport.

So in conjunction with the  KOA CENTER and the MICE department at FERRER & SARET we have developed a project which takes full account of the needs of companies. This is another facet of the revolutionary HFT EXPERIENCE.

The “Healthy Days” Programme


We know that many business organisations would like to undertake joint activities with their best customers, or perhaps team-building activities with their most outstanding professionals, and that they would like these activities to be connected with health and sport.

That is why, at HFT EXPERIENCE, we have created the ‘Healthy Days’ programme for enjoying outdoor sports activities, or receiving therapeutic massages during work seminars, product presentations or objective-setting sessions. A perfect combination of active leisure and undoubted professional improvement.

“Goodbye to stress” programme


We offer companies almost 40 years of experience of incentive trips when preparing their à-la-carte project. A proposal to learn techniques of corporal release while discovering the charms of our planet.

Scenarios of reference in which to perform HIIT training, outdoor sports and resistance exercises, or to benefit from therapeutic massages so that your customers, suppliers or colleagues can get to know the basic elements of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Events for “getting into shape”


More and more companies are becoming interested in events which focus on health and nutrition because they arouse the interest of the participants. This trend is on the increase. Our own proposal for this type of event is personalised training and/or outdoor activities, which can complement sales campaigns, product presentations or the enlivening of teams.

Ultimately ‒ and this is the key to their success ‒ they promote among company professionals, and their customers and suppliers, a better style and quality of life, which also helps to combat the scourge of our time: a sedentary lifestyle.