Carefully chosen destinations, health specialists at your service, high-class attention, healthy food, outdoor activities to get in shape, in natural surroundings… all to help you adopt habits of healthy living at the same time as you enjoy a unique and very special journey. This is what we propose in this new project which adds the know-how of the KOA CENTER  where personal training and nutrition are combined, to the expertise of the travel agency FERRER & SARET. All of this so that you feel on form. Welcome to the revolutionary HFT EXPERIENCE.

Our philosophy

Our method is all-embracing, and is open to anyone who wants to adopt habits of healthy living, while travelling to exclusive

Adapted to you

We prepare for you that so much longed-for journey. To do this we have the help of the best team of travellers, as well as experts in health, personal training and nutrition.

For companies

We have noticed that more and more companies are becoming interested in incentive trips, events and activities connected with
health and sport.

Some travel tips

Inspirational trips.



A journey to the country of the Ayurveda philosophy while developing fitness and finding your balance.


Near Barcelona


A special Easter Week: thorough training at an EcoResort, followed by the best ‘ancient bath experience’.




A getaway to stress, at 3,000 meters high, and discover a wonderful country and “The InkaTrail”.


A commitment to your health


“We offer you a healthy break of a few days, during which you can forget your daily stress and work on your physical condition, while enjoying a healthy diet, surrounded by scenery which is among the most fascinating in this world.”

- Fito Florensa, CEO & Founder KOA Center

Our 10 promises

1- HEALTHY STAYS, REGULATED BY THE HOURS OF DAYLIGHT, and giving priority to the quality of the resting.

2- THERE WILL BE HEALTHY EXERCISES:posture correction, stretching, myofascial release, more intense activities and strengthening exercises.

3- EVERYTHING WILL BE IN THE OPEN AIR, in the heart of nature, and you will stay in the best accommodation, in accordance with our philosophy.

4- YOU WILL HAVE THE BENEFIT OF A HEALTHY DIET, with products of the highest quality, accompanied by recommendations and ‘workshops’ in which you will learn more about healthy nutrition.

5- THERE WILL BE RELAXATION FACILITIES, spa services, yoga techniques and many different types of massage.

6- YOU WILL RECEIVE ATTENTION OF THE HIGHEST CLASS so that your experience is of the best kind, this being a priority in our proposal.

7- ADAPTATION TO YOUR NEEDS, ensuring privacy in your trips whenever and wherever you prefer this. Adapting to your company’s needs as well.

8- THE DESTINATIONS ARE CHOSEN in accordance with our philosophy, and are in unique natural surroundings. The service is exceptional.

9- YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ACCOMPANIED BY HIGHLY QUALIFIED, SPECIALISED PERSONNEL, and will be supported by a prestigious travel agency which has almost 40 years of experience.

10- ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA WILL BE DULY PROTECTED, and will only be used to adapt each programme to your personal requirements.